Draggo House

We want to invite you to a truly exceptional place. Draggo which is unlike any other in Kraków and it is definitely a rarity in Poland. We have worked really hard to establish new, better and more up to date standards. In the best possible location of the strict centre of Kraków’s Old Town between the Main Market Square and Wawel Castle you will find a real oasis for travellers. If you crave for the best time in this old Polish capital, Draggo House is the only right choice.

Our origins date back to legendary times, when Kraków was still overrun by dragons and inhabitants of the city were proficient in dragon lore. As a protector of our place we have noticeably chosen the last dragon Draggo – a descendant of the legendary Wawel Dragon that you can find in all souvenir shops in Kraków and of course by its den under the Wawel Castle. If you take a closer look at our logo you will definitely recognise Draggo, keeping guard of our premises allowing in only positive energy and vibrations.
When you choose our offer, you receive an excellent accommodation and level of service that really makes your stay remarkable. We offer comfortable rooms, with a whole range of possible bed arrangement from single to multiple dorms. We have ensured the most comfortable bed mattresses and linen to make your nights as comfortable as possible. Wooden furnishings make our rooms really cosy. In our apartments there are also fresh and clean white tiled bathrooms, with hair dryers and towels for each guest. We offer a really modern property with fast Wi-Fi, individual charging docks for mobile devices by every bed and air conditioning in every room. We have also though to provide a unique living space that will be totally ready very soon with fully equipped common rooms, a pub, a restaurant and a summer garden with an outdoor BBQ space for your disposal. During your stay at Draggo House you have the opportunity to experience Kraków, its history, culture and social life and immerse yourself in all that also in Draggo. You will appreciate history of the place, its fairy-tale warden and will definitely have a great time.

Why peopleDraggo HouseDraggo House?

Free internet
24 h reception
24 h security
Multilin-gual staff
Luggage storage
Early checkin
Late checkout
Common space
Games space
Chill out zone
Equipped bathroom
Guest kitchen
AC by LG Company
Safety first
Quality towels and linen
Numerous lockers
Combo beds, no ladders
Quality mattresses
Individual charging docks
Individual bed lamps
Historic tenement house
Modern design
Summer garden
BBQ area
On-site restaurant
On-site lounge bar
Credit cards accepted
Hotel access 1-card system
Free coffee in the kitchen
Delicious breakfasts
City tours and pub crawl events

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50 m form the Main Market Square

The location of Draggo House has a great importance. If you want to get to know the city well, this place will be the best starting point for you. Draggo is located only 50 meters from the cultural and historical centre of Krakow – the Main Market Square. Thanks to accommodation at Dragon’s house, you won’t miss any party, concert or other event.

all amenities and facilities

Draggo is very modern and well-equipped and the premises have a long and historical tradition. In addition to 65 beds in bedrooms of different sizes with private bathrooms, you will also find common rooms, a pub, a restaurant and a summer garden for guests. The rooms are also equipped with all amenities including high speed wireless Internet and air conditioning.

on site, own restaurant

In the dragon world, eating is one of the most important activities. In our restaurant you will find the best breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. Even the greatest hunger will be satiated here. The restaurant is available not only for Draggo guests, but also for those who want to learn more about dragon’s culinary habits.

on site, own pub

One of the greatest places of the dragon place is the pub, where we serve craft beers and many other drinks and alcohols. The recipe of these drinks dates back to the time when Krakow was threatened by the Wawel Dragon. People from all over the city came to drink beer in peace in such places as our pub. Today, Draggo and his cheerful company take care of introducing nightlife to all its willing guests.

common rooms

If you want to meet interesting people then common areas are just for you. Many tourists from around the world visit Krakow at the dragon house. Staying at Draggo will allow you to make new friends. Thanks to the common rooms you will meet a lot of interesting people with whom you can visit the city or spend some quality evening time.

65 beds, garden, restaurant, pub – all in one place

Draggo is a place with the highest standards. The dragon and his friends take care about everything. Thanks to their hospitality there is a place for 65 people to sleep and rest. Apart from that, for our guests disposal, there is also a garden, where they can rest and have BBQ; a restaurant which serves dragon’s dishes and snacks and finally a pub, where you can drink craft beers based on the legendary recipes. Everything is available in the single place in the house of Draggo.

Our Staff – Draggo’s Team

Draggo, as every powerful being, has its faithful minions. Kasia, Dorota and Ania will assist you on behalf of Draggo. They will respond to your needs, answer all your questions, advise where to go and what to do. They will also, for instance book guides for Cracow sightseeing, organize the Free Walk or the evening Beer Crawl. They are always at your service but they are tactful and not imposing. Nevertheless, they are willing to assist at all times and are available 24/7 at the reception desk.

Kasia/Kate (receptionist)

She can assist you in any situation. If you need to book a tourist guide, an entrance ticket to a museum or anything else she will be an advanced Kraków advisor and a great help.

Dorota/Dorothy (receptionist)

You can go ahead and ask her about anything during your stay in the house. She can advise the best sightseeing options and spectacular eating places and party spots.

Ania/Anna (receptionist)

This receptionist is an embodiment of optimism and good organization. If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to ask her. She will do her best to solve your problems and clear doubts.

Grzegorz/Gregory (owner)

A man full of energy and great ideas. Grzegorz is Draggo’s best friend. He will ensure you feel at home in the dragon’s house.

Main facilities:

Draggo is located at 6 Gołębia Street (50 meters from the Main Market Square). We offer 12 modern rooms and beds for 68 guests in total. Apart from accommodation services we also offer a pub and a restaurant on site.

Draggo House

Draggo is located at 6 Gołębia Street (50 meters from the Main Market Square). We offer 12 modern rooms and beds for 68 guests in total. Apart from accommodation services we also offer a pub and a restaurant on site.

Restaurant (grand opening spring 2019)

The restaurant serves dishes of Polish and international cuisine. All dishes are prepared according to old recipes from the dragon menu. Of course all recipes are top secret and belong to Draggo’s great great grandfather.

Lounge bar
(Coming as soon as Kraków’s gives us official alcohol permission. Draggo dragon is way older than 18 so, hopes to get alcohol permit very soon.)

The pub, where you can order the best drinks and delicious craft beers directly from the storehouse of Draggo. They are as mighty as Draggo’s breath.