Draggo is an ultimately comfortable place in a great location. We invite you to the gallery below, where you can check the furnishings of our bedrooms, bathrooms and the immediate surroundings of the house. Our premises are located in a historic, 15th-century tenement house at 6 Gołębia Street between the Main Market Square and the University District.

The gallery will be developed with interesting photos taken by our guests and friends of the Draggo. Therefore, if you have made any interesting photo shot that you want to share with the world, just send it to us and we will publish your work here.

Reception, Common spaces


1-2 Person (cabin room)

4 Person (G5, G11)

6 Person (G1, G2, G7, G8)

6 Person (G6, G12)

10 Person (G3, G9)

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